Car confidential: Bmw, Kia, Honda, GKN

This week, the gossip, the automobile industry has news of GKN Driveline’s vision of the future, the ‘everyday’ Ferrari, Kia anti-aging formula and Honda, the quick turn-around.

GKN Driveline’s vision of the future

GKN Driveline, director of advanced engineering believes now is the most exciting time to be an automotive engineer. “I have worked in this industry for 27 years,” said Theo Gassman.

“In 1990, and drive systems were all mechanical, but since then, they have become much more complex.” He believes that the connectivity and big data will be the next things to go under the spotlight.

“But how do we make the best use of all the data in a machine?”, he said. “This is the question.”

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The ‘everyday’ Ferrari

The creation of the GTC4 Luxury T has been driven by demand for a ‘daily’ Ferrari with a harder edge and without all-wheel drive. About 70% of the FF/GTC4 Luxury buyers in countries such as Germany and Switzerland, said four-wheel drive was key, but that has dropped to 30% in places like California, and even lower in the Far East.

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Kia anti-aging formula

Kia hopes its latest models age well, thanks to a lack of fussy styling and irregular surface.

“Our cars only tend to the age in which the new one comes out,” said Kia’s European design chief, Gregory Guillaume. “

We thought that the previous Sportage could go on for another couple of years, still looked fresh, but the sales are even stronger with a new one.”

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Honda quick turn-around

The Honda Swindon factory is 400 to Civic education per day. It takes 2.5 hours to build the engine, 2.5 hours to weld the body, 10.5 hours of painting and sealing machine and a little less than 3 hours to assemble the frame. The plant is also producing its own instrument panels from scratch for the first time.

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