Anticipating trump: the U.S. Congress wants to introduce a “reservation” for the anti-Russian sanctions to have “padded” the President-the billionaire does not indulge Moscow

If you take the new bill, the tramp will not, in its discretion, mitigate or abolish the restrictive measures imposed against the Russian aggressors.

Washington a group of us senators, including the Republicans,
and Democrats, have prepared and introduced a bill that
will deprive the President of the United States Donald trump right to mitigate or cancel the entered
sanctions against Russia at their own discretion, reports “Russian
The dialogue”.

According to
senators, this decision can be made only with the approval of Congress
despite the fact that economic sanctions have been imposed by a previous
President, the abolition of which does not require a vote in Parliament.

Russia has done nothing to deserve the removal from it of sanctions,” said Republican
Lindsey Graham, who is one of the authors of the bill.

According to
policy, restrictions “send the wrong signal to both Russia and
our allies are under Russian pressure.”

the explanatory note to the draft law stipulates that only complete cessation
Russia’s actions aimed at undermining peace and stability in Ukraine, as well as
hacker attacks against the United States, may provide the real reason for the lifting of sanctions.

The United States abolished the anti-Russian sanctions without proven progress in the implementation
The Minsk agreements, we will lose the confidence of our allies in Europe and around the
world,” said Ben Cardin, another author of the bill
Democrat Senator.

Recall that in
the capital of the United States turned
the struggle against lifting of restrictive measures from the Russian aggressors.

time, the EU deals
another blow to Putin’s Russian Federation, tightening
“sanctions noose”.