2017 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is hot 500bhp variant

Porsche will launch a high-output version of its new Panamera E-Hybrid.

The car will have at least 500bhp and a top speed of over 180 mph. It is likely that it will be released along with the Panamera Sport Turismo shooting brake at Geneva in March.

Porsche is not saying that the powertrain of the car is used, but when it was suggested that the engine could be a hybridized version of the current 4S engine, the Panamera director of sales and marketing Stefan Utsch said: “That was going to work.”

The current Panamera 4 E-Hybrid uses the same twinturbo 2.9-liter V6 as the 4S, but in a different state of tune, producing 325bhp. Is coupled to a 134bhp electric motor, for an alleged 459bhp of “system of power”.

The 4S, meanwhile, has 434bhp. Utsch, said the newly developed electric motor is unlikely to become more powerful, but even if they were married without changes to the 4S motor, it would 568bhp of the power system.

However, it is unlikely that both the gasoline engine and electric motor provide peak power at the same time, so that the maximum real-world output is lower.

Even so, the new car — likely to be badged Panamera 4S E-Hybrid — should provide performance at the second place in the ranking of the 542bhp Panamera Turbo, and then only because it is likely that the weight of at least 250 kg more than the Turbo.