The defense Ministry of Ukraine commented on the information about the arrest of the officer of the APU in the occupied Lugansk

Press Secretary of the Ukrainian defense Ministry Viktoria Kushnir announced the official position that the message on detention of the mayor is a fake.

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine has denied the information
Russian journalists about the detention of the major of Armed forces of Ukraine in Lugansk
occupied by fighters “LNR”, transfers “Dialog UA”.

reported the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Viktoria Kushnir, all soldiers
the Ukrainian army are when performing their tasks.

“We are not
I can say that someone was arrested. We all call-back and say that
it is definitely a fake,” says Kushnir.

on the morning of 4 February, on one of the streets occupied the regional center of an exploded car,
which was the so-called “head of the people’s militia
LC” Oleg Anashchenko.

Lugansk separatists accused of his death, the Ukrainian intelligence services.

for some time the Russian edition of “Rosbalt”, in Lugansk detained
major APU, which allegedly took
nickname Shaman and confessed to the murder Anashchenko.