Named following the separatist “LC” which is the first “standing in line” to eliminate

“The interior Minister LNR” Igor Kornet at the moment is the biggest “bone in the throat” Carpenter: does not hide his contempt for him and openly accused in the murders of colleagues, theft and other crimes.

There have been a string of murders and strange deaths
militants “LDNR”… Experts have called the name of a candidate for
elimination in Lugansk. In their opinion, it would be acting “interior Minister LNR”
Igor Kornet, reports “Dialog UA”.

After the elimination Bednova dremova, Brain and other “field
commanders” Carpenter was quiet for a while. Recently, however, “Benedictio”
intensified again: after the public criticism the strange death
befell his predecessor, Valery Bolotov, a few officials “LNR”
had either been killed (as Tsepkalo and Anashchenko), or fled from the territory
controlled by Carpenter.

Karjakin escaped, shouted loudly, but in Lugansk does not seem
nose Kozitsyn and other “don Cossacks”, criticized the “head of LNR”.
In the Lugansk remained until the two main rival Carpenter in the struggle for
power – is the chief “MGB LC” Leonid beekeeper and head of the “Ministry of the interior
LNR” Igor cornet.

It is worth noting that recently the coordinator of the group
“IP” Dmitry
Tymchuk suggested that after the murder of the head ” the head of Department of the people’s
militia LNR” the next target for the elimination of maybe the head of the “MGB LNR”
Leonid Beekeeper. However, not everyone agrees.

“Beekeeper Carpenter to get not so easy.
First: without the knowledge of FSB, a branch of which, in fact, is “MGB LNR”,
not a single hair falls from his head. Second: the last time the beekeeper silenced
and no longer holds associates Carpenter, as before. And the beekeeper does not criticize him
openly, unlike the Kornet which the mother “head of LPR” 24 hours in
day and places him all sorts of nasty things in social networks. And third: the beekeeper to
office sitting, some no, but the analysts who calculate the moves in advance.
A “chief COP” cornet relies primarily on the “Berkut”,
his deputies are former and current “berkutyata”, protection mainly from
the fighters of the “poultry house”, – says our expert in Lugansk.

According to him, police special forces “Berkut”
can effectively disperse a crowd of protesters to seize the building, to subdue a revolt. Some
of them can also conduct combat operations as in 2014-2015, But to protect
their leader they can’t if that will start a real hunt. And if they still handle ideologically, they are his boss can eliminate themselves.

“We saw on the Maidan, “berkutyata”
was angry first protesters, then those who drove them to beat these
protesters. Personally heard them shouting after February 23, that neither any
authorities to work more will not be, and they then ran together to serve the self-proclaimed
the LPR authorities. Therefore, as a fighting force they are, of course, valuable, but as defenders
and faithful companions unreliable, and Carpenter knows it. So
next in line – Igor cornet. He finally went too far and openly
blames “the head of the Republic” of all sins. “The raft” long
tolerate will not,” opined the analyst.

By the way, recently “the Minister” placed on the
the page in the “Classmates” video, in which Carpenter
accused of many murders, as well as “draining” psevdorespubliki. In
as an alternative to Carpenter’s cornet on video offers… the leader of the “DNR”
Alexander Zakharchenko.