Muslims began to allow entry into the United States after the suspension of the judge’s decree trump

Washington. 6 Feb. INTERFAX – Citizens of Muslim countries were free to enter U.S. after the judge suspended the decree of the President of Donald trump about the limitations in the area of migration.

At the Cairo airport, according to authorities, a total of 33 migrants from Yemen, Syria and Iraq bound for the United States were freely admitted on Board the ships, reported Monday the associated press.

Airlines operating in Beirut were allowed on Board aircraft of the Syrian families who were previously banned by a presidential decree of entry into the United States.

Lawyers specializing in the care of migrants, told the AP that the airports in new York, Washington, Boston and other cities began to arrive citizens of several countries, including Iran, who were previously denied entry into the United States.

Signed by President D. trump the decree restricts the entry to the US visa holders from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, suspend for 120 days the reception of refugees and prohibits indefinitely the entry of Syrian refugees.

On 3 February the judge of the US Federal court in Seattle James Robart at the suit of the States of Washington and Minnesota have suspended this decree. The next day a court in the US rejected the appeal of the Ministry of justice on the judicial decision to freeze the execution of the immigration Ordinance.

According to radio “Voice of America”, the state Department reported approximately 60 thousand visas, temporarily cancelled in the framework of execution of the decree of D. trump.

These data do not correspond to previously published information by the lawyers of the Ministry of justice, according to which more than a hundred thousand of visas issued had been withdrawn after their holders were denied entry into the United States.

The state Department explained the discrepancy in figures to the fact that a diplomatic visa and a number of other types of visas are not subject of the decree, said the radio.