Sberbank of Russia has decided to disguise himself so that he does not interfere with work in Ukraine

In order to reduce the risk from the ban on working in Ukraine, Sberbank of Russia decided to change the owners of the Ukrainian branch.

Now a branch of which operates in Ukraine will allegedly “own” private Bank Norvik banka located in Latvia. However, the actual owners of financial institutions remain the Kremlin oligarchy. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Birch, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to the MP, in December 2013 Grigory Guselnikov, who is a partner of London-based investment Fund G2 Capital Partners became the owner of most of the shares of the Latvian Norvik banka. But after six months he had more than 83% of the shares. Birch notes that currently the Bank is under the control of the Kremlin bankers.

Changing sign, said MP of Ukraine, Ukrainians want to convince that the country will have to work European Bank, not Russian.

However, if you change the name of the Kremlin to the Capitol, the essence will not change, sums up the MP.

Recall “Диалог.UA” I wrote coactivity National corpus “Azov” last month staged pickets near the offices of Russian banks operating in the capital of Ukraine. And earlier, in November last year,one of the branches of Sberbank of Russia completely defeated.