Minis hold their value better, says a new study in the UNITED kingdom

Minis suffer from depreciation minimum of English: 13 car brands, a new study has found.

The research, conducted by a used car dealership Carspring, found that, on average, used Mini lost 46.88% of their value after the 34,700 km, beating models of Audi, which has lost 47.33% after the same mileage, for the first place.

Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and Vauxhall, achieved the next best results, with between 47.51% and 54.12% lost respectively. The worst performance brand, Toyota, which has an average of 74.59% of the value lost by the vehicle after this mileage.

The research data from hundreds of online used-car markets, traditional retailers in five of the UK’s biggest cities. It was discovered that the car in the UNITED kingdom ranked second last of the major economies of the world when it came to the amortisation – only beat New Zealand, with an average of 51.9% lost from cars sold here, after the 34,700 km.

The study also found that China is the most expensive place to buy a used car with the average price of a decrease of only 29.42% after that mileage. Turkey, Portugal, and Finland finished at the back with 29.5% of 34.31% is lost from their medium duty engines, respectively.

Carspring co-founder Maximilian Vollenbroich argued that the UK’s ranking made a good location for those looking to grab a bargain used buy.

“At the last second on the whole, the UK currently has a relatively favourable position in the studio,” he said. “However, with a hard Brexit on the horizon, the future of the UK car market remains unclear.”

Many experts predict that the price of the new car will increase when the Uk leaves the European Union (EU), leading to an increase in used values as fewer people opt for a new car and an increase in the demand in the used market.