The attempted terrorist attack: on patrol at the Louvre was attacked, 2 years after the attack in nice

PARIS, February 3 — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. On Friday morning an unidentified man was attacked with a machete on a military patrol, serving at the most visited Museum world — the Louvre.

The incident occurred around 10.00 a.m. (12.00 GMT). A man Laden with two backpacks, was attacked with a machete at a police patrol stationed on the stairs at one of the entrances to the Louvre. The attacker shouted “Allah Akbar”, managed to wound one of the guards in the head. In response, soldiers opened fire on him. One of the bullets hit the assailant in the stomach.

Both of the wounded were hospitalized. Military life is in no danger, his wound was deemed light, while for the future of the attacker is currently fighting surgeons.

Your browser does not support this video format. Unknown with machetes attacked a patrol near the Louvre. The first pictures from the scene of an emergency
Security measures

Hardly the first shots rang out, the sellers of the shopping centre Carrousel du Louvre, located under the ground at the entrance to the Museum, lowered the metal grid, leaving buyers inside the boutiques.

Similar security measures were taken in the Museum visitors sat on the floor, asking to remain calm. Some of them then told me that when the Museum was not, and they don’t even understand what is happening. However, witnesses noted the calm and the good organization of the evacuation.

In total, the halls of the Louvre Museum and the premises of a shopping center were blocked by about 1.6 thousand people. When the danger had passed, people began to withdraw in small groups, after subjecting to inspection.

The attack also caused the restriction of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the area surrounding the Louvre. The metro station located close to the scene were closed, the train was passing them without stopping.
Security forces

The information that the attack could have terrorist basis, there quickly enough.

The head of Paris police, Michel KADO, quickly arrived to the Louvre, told reporters that the behavior of the attacker leads to the conclusion that he wanted to commit a terrorist act.

A little later Prime Minister of France, in the recent past held the post of interior Minister, said that “the attack bore the terrorist nature”, but urged all to be cautious in judgment.© REUTERS/ Christian Hartmann Defensively, the soldiers opened fire. In the result, the attacker was seriously wounded in the stomach. © AFP 2017/ Alain Jocard According to the head of the Paris police, the behavior of the attacker said that he was going to commit a terrorist act. However, the explosives in his personal belongings was found. © REUTERS/ Christian Hartmann Tourists who was near the incident, was taken to a private room of the Louvre and put on the floor. © AFP 2017/ Alain Jocard One of the two patrol which was attacked, suffered minor injuries. Two years ago, February 3, 2015, a man with a knife attacked three soldiers guarding a Jewish cultural center in nice. Then one of the soldiers got deep cuts on his cheek, the other was shot in the arm. The assailant was arrested on the spot. After the incident in the French Department of Alpes-Maritimes was declared the highest level of terrorist threat — “the threat of terrorist attack.”
What I was doing patrol in the Louvre?

A military patrol was at the Louvre in the framework of a special operation Sentinelle — operation on security, held in the country under state of emergency. Sentinelle soldiers serving in areas with large concentrations of people — from museums, shopping malls, tourist places, educational institutions and administrative buildings.

The state of emergency was introduced on the initiative of President Francois Hollande after the terrorist attacks 13 November 2015 in Paris and has been repeatedly extended. In mid-December 2016, the French Parliament approved the extension of state of emergency in the country until July 2017.
Police officers near the building of the Louvre in Paris, where an unknown attacked the soldier, France. 3 Feb 2017