Ukrainian fighter Belenko received an offer to play for China: it became known that the said athlete

The attempt of China to lure in his team of the dark-skinned fighter from Ukraine did not succeed.

Ukrainian Jean
Belenus with ruandijskie roots, the silver medalist of the Olympic games-2016
Greco-Roman wrestling has received an offer to obtain citizenship of China, where
the newly trained fighters, reports “Dialog

“I admit
I was offered to play for China, but I refused,” said Belenus, answering
on questions of correspondents.

According to
Ukrainian athlete, the Chinese are very hospitable and able-bodied. In China
invest a lot of money in the development of sport. Among the programs established by this
country: I invite you, for a fee, athletes from other countries to those
coached their pupils.

Jean Belenus
announced that held its classes in XI’an.

By the way,
recently, the dark-skinned wrestler showed
reception of the Ukrainian journalist Nadia Kowerski. He signed
video follows: “a Brief wrestling benefit transfer girls in
the “horizontal” position.”

Olympics Jean Belenus apologized
before Ukrainians for having brought only a silver, not a gold medal.