Nancy’s sympathy for the Archers devil | Brief letters

Congratulations to the Guardian for its role in the campaign to save Millwall FC from the developers. Barney Ronay is not strictly correct, however, in saying that only the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron backed the opposition to the regime“, while other leaders have remained silent” (Sport, 26 January). The trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition co-founder Bob Crow, a lifetime Millwall fan, opposed to the plan since the beginning and, a few days before his tragically early death in 2014, has been urging supporters of the Lions hall, a Lewisham council meeting. This fight has been long and it’s the working class who has won it.Clive HeemskerkTrade trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national officer

• “Look, there is no other way that Rob has had a rough old?”, request the holy Ms Banks-Smith (A month in Ambridge, G2, 1 February). Yes, Nancy, I do. It is a creeping twinge of sympathy, until your question, had not dared to say his name. Maggie WinkworthLondon

• Do we really need a two-page article on how to tuck in our shirts and jumpers (Go tuck yourself, the Style, G2, 1 February)?David WrightDurham

• Still on the theme of mixed units (Letters, 1 February), at a time of the plasterboard has come in four measurements: imperial imperial metric metric, imperial high metric to the metric scale and high imperial wide. The different types have been identified by color-coding the edges.Tony MeacockNorwich

• There’s a moment of listening to the charity The Samaritans become a Samaritans (Letters, 1 February). Will you become a Guardian?Elwyn Taylor London

• I used to make the joints for my Matchless motorbike of Weetabix packets back in the 1960s (Letters, 1 February).Rowan VuglarLondon

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