In the ranks of the invaders shortage of manpower, and Russian “Cossacks” refuse to help the aggressors

Participants of the Russian Cossack organizations do not want to participate in a “dirty” play of the militants. On the recent call by the Russian Federation to go to the “volunteers” for fighting in the Donbas Cossacks responded with a stiff protest.

Active recruitment of military forces for terrorists, which
was declared in the Stavropol region, ended in failure. Representatives of the local
Cossack organizations, whose occupants were a betting man, do not support
the actions of the aggressors in the Donbass, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The militants are experiencing a serious shortage of mercenaries
therefore, gave a call for reinforcements among the Russian “Cossacks”. Their
the leader Mykola Kozitsyn issued a decree that the representatives of this social
the group needs to “protect” the Donbass.

To strengthen the ranks of the occupiers in the East of Ukraine
possible, as 90% of Russian “Cossacks”
refused to join the ranks of the invaders Donbass. Unlike their leader Kozitsyn, they
don’t want to shoot civilians and settlements. On this day, 3
February, was informed by the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry
of defense of Ukraine on his page in Facebook.

Earlier it was reported that the Cossack separatists who fought against Ukraine, but
escaped from his accomplices, “LC”, decided to snowboat clowns and go “liberate” the Donbas.