The speaker of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg: we have allowed the Cathedral to trample our Orthodox faith

Saint-Petersburg. 1 Feb. INTERFAX – the Chairman of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov distressed “glory” of Petersburg as a city in which “trample the Orthodox faith”.

“Now we rattle around the world as the people who allowed the Cathedral to trample our Orthodox faith”, – said Vladimir Makarov at a press conference on Wednesday, commenting on the protests against the transfer of the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church.

Touching taken at a meeting on Wednesday the treatment chamber to the heads of power agencies of the Russian Federation with the request to punish the participants of the unauthorized action against the St. Isaac’s Cathedral and avoid them in the future, the Chairman said: “will be Checked all that will be of interest to our law enforcement agencies”.

“Whether this so-called rally instigation, handed out any tickets that occurred at the Champ de Mars, and on the way from Champ de Mars to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Cathedral itself. They (law enforcement agencies – Interfax) should check all. When you check, we find out many interesting facts, I’m sure,” added Makarov.

Answering the question about the essence of the adopted query Alexander Teterenko (“United Russia”) with a request to tighten the rules for coordination of meetings of deputies with voters, the speaker of the Parliament of St. Petersburg noted that he personally opposed, to restrict the freedom of MPs.

“While it is taken as a basis, and revisions will be made. I am against to limit the freedom of the deputies,” – said the Chairman of the legislative Assembly.

As reported, at the meeting of the Parliament Wednesday V. Makarov compared spontaneous rally on the Champ de Mars and rally inside St. Isaac’s Cathedral with the actions of Pussy Riot in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. According to him, the rally was attended by “representatives of the LGBT community, pacifists, anarchists and other activists”.

“This outrageous case puts the action (activists – Interfax) is not just illegal, but all the rules of morality. No doubt that their actions were planned in advance. The purpose of these actions is to disrupt the worship service, to grossly violate the public order, offend the feelings of believers”, – said Makarov.

MPs asked to “undertake a comprehensive review of the facts and to take measures to punish those responsible and prevent similar actions in the future.” The request was supported by 39 parliamentarians. The appeal addressed to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin, and interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

On 28 January, the opponents of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church held a rally on the Champ de Mars. Not consistent with the city the event was held in the format of the meeting with the deputies of the legislative Assembly. The event was attended by deputies Boris Vishnevsky (Yabloko), and Alexei Kovalev (“Fair Russia”) and Maxim Reznik (“Party of growth”). Then several activists held a rally inside St. Isaac’s Cathedral.