“Osvoboditel” bombed mine them. Zasyadko in Donetsk – under the earth nearly 300 miners

Today at about 05:00 the Pro-Russian mercenaries, a powerful blow on the plant and occupied the outskirts of Donetsk from mortars and “Gradov”. The rebels were beaten by the “Auchan” have been published, eight packages of MLRS shells: two – lay on mine. Zasyadko, four on the plant.

In the “DPR Ministry of defense” claim
the Zasyadko mine is de-energized,
underground locked 203 miners. Right now the occupants are trying to evacuate
miners. Local Mchsniki are trying to connect the generators and lift the coal
on-mountain passes “Диалог.UA”.

The locals
write that the mercenaries hit the mine at 05:00, one of the shells fell on

“At the moment
blocked 270 miners under the earth…” – say the locals.

In the Kiev district of Donetsk is now a problem with light, heat
and water. In addition, the militants captured the city completely destroyed mini-boiler village depot

“From the cemetery
just left 4 howitzers and 4 “Ural” with drawers under, BK., the road there is closed are orcs., night of the cemetery
worked “Grad””.

the whole night terrorists are shelling from “Grad” from residential areas of Donetsk, two of the pack fell in
The Kiev district.”

“At 6 a.m. Avdeevka
took 4 packages of “Grad”: without water, light, heat, and sleep in the basement in the cold.
e*UCI #ruskimi” – write
citizens online.

Earlier it was reported that a 20-degree frost 30 thousand inhabitants of the Town remained without water, electricity and heating. Forming enterprise – Avdeyevka coke and chemical plant (AKHZ) –
has been de-energized and started a “hot” conservation equipment.

In connection with obostreniem the situation in the Donbas, President Petro Poroshenko interrupted his visit to Germany and
he returned to Ukraine. Today vestigated the evacuation of residents of the frontline town.