Merkel in Berlin issued a scathing statement on Monday, the truce is disrupted “ceasefire” no, and again killed Ukrainian soldiers

Angela Merkel admitted that the fighting in the Donbas and the absence of a “cease-fire” is a cause for deep concern.

He is the Chancellor of Germany said on
a joint briefing with Petro Poroshenko in Berlin today, January 30,
reports “Dialog. UA”.

“Truce is not actually
there are dying soldiers again. The situation on the demarcation line
a cause for concern. In the conflict up to this point, according to the UN, has killed
about 10 thousand people”, – said the Chancellor and emphasized that
we must do everything possible to improve people’s lives was
saved, keeping in mind about the Minsk agreement, even though it is not so simple.

Angela Merkel believes Normandy format serious
tool in conflict resolution.

The Normandy format is the right way, and we will respect it.
We will continue to work even despite the fact that there are some obstacles. This format is intended to be for the sake of peace
in Ukraine and political stability,” said the Chancellor.

Merkel assured Poroshenko that Germany would do everything in her
effort to help maintain the territorial integrity of Ukraine, although it
and understand that this path will not be easy.

As previously reported, there was a recognition of the action Zhuchkovsky, which
told exactly where and celokupan fire at Avdeevka and Donetsk.

Also note that only in the morning of 30 January in the area of Avdiivka has prosoapele two fighters APU,a huge loss there and the terrorists.