In the Kharkiv region was preparing for powerful attacks in the SBU told about the resonance detention of terrorist “DNR”

SBU prevented several powerful attacks in the Kharkiv region, who planned separatist psevdorespubliki “DNR”.

As reported by the security officers, they detained the terrorist “DNR”, which, according to existing data, was preparing terrorist acts in Kharkiv. Reports about it “Диалог.UA” referring to the press center of the SBU.

Arrested was 27-year-old citizen of Kharkiv. According to the police, the man had to liquidate a part of the railway in the direction of the Donetsk region, as well as some strategically important objects of fuel industry.

The terrorist was detained January 30. During the search he found 1.2 kg of TNT, a pound of Semtex, a couple of hand fragmentation grenades RGN, funding for the implementation of the explosion, as well as maps and photographs with the marks of the objects that had to be eliminated.

To the detainee it is declared suspicion.

Also, the security officers found that the man was one of the participants in the seizure of the building of the Kharkiv regional state administration in 2014. In addition, he fought in the fighters, the leader of which was Girkin.