Ataman Kozitsyn decided to again engage in terrorism in the Donbas and declared it “the Cossack volunteers” under Nazi banners Krasnov

Cossack separatists who fought against the Ukraine, but escaped from his accomplices, “LC”, decided again to collect clowns and go “liberate” the Donbas.

On Tuesday, January 31, the leader of the so-called “Cossack
national guard”
and the “great don Cossack army ataman”
Nikolai Kozitsyn suddenly announced raising volunteers”
protection of Donbass”. The corresponding order of the notorious leader
clowns “Popandopulo” published on the website of the Association, reports “Dialog UA”.

“I command all the Cossacks of vseveliky army of
Don be ready to participate in the protection of Donbass. The chieftains of districts,
yurtov, villages and hamlets and to prepare lists of volunteers for the formation of new
units of the Cossack national guard”, —
stresses in the order of Kozitsyn.

the document States that this decision was made “in connection with the critical situation in
Donbas: the conduct of hostilities against the “DNR” and “LNR”.

In addition, the “ataman” argues that
The Donbass occur “executions
mining settlements, villages, towns, killing civilians, including
the elderly and children, gross violations of the Minsk agreements”.

The fact that separatists are shelling Ukrainian
settlements, of course, is not taken into account – Kozitsyn need a reason
to attack. Also unfortunate ataman absolutely ignoriruet the fact that in Minsk
the agreements generally no “LNR” and “DNR”, but there is
separate districts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Nikolai Kozitsyn at all earlier talked about the fact that it does not recognize the existence of “LDNR” and
considers Donbass “territory
The Russian Empire”.
However, he has an award of punitive Russian FSB and as an Emperor
see the former chief of this office, Vladimir Putin.

2014 Kozitsyn was one of the leaders of the so-called “militia of Donbass”. Its armed militants seized Severodonetsk, Lisichansk (where
later escaped under the onslaught of Ukrainian security forces), as well as Anthracite, Red
Luch, Sverdlovsk and Alchevsk (where also retreated under the onslaught
associates on the “LC” and “senior
brothers” from Russia.

the war in the Donbas “don Cossacks” are notorious for their brutality, terror and
the idiotic rules that are enforced in the controlled territories.

December 2014 due to numerous conflicts with the “head of LNR” Carpenter Kozitsyn
fled to Russia, where he continued to engage in anti-Ukrainian activities
periodically nibbling and the management of “LNR”

the word blue-yellow-red flags, under which are the “Cossacks” Kozitsyn is paraphernalia ataman Krasnov
and other Cossacks, who during the Second World war were on the side
the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler and killed Ukrainians, Russians and representatives of
other peoples of the USSR and its allies.

We will remind, has told that on Donbass terrorists fighting under
the banner of the so-called “don Cossacks”.

it was reported that the leader of the Donetsk separatists, Alexander Zakharchenko admitted facts of the murder
and kidnapping “Cossacks of vseveliky army of Donskoy”.