“Someone doubts that Russia has arranged a genocide of Ukrainians in 1932? Avdeevka shows that they are willing to do it in 2017”, – social network

Early in the morning on January 31 mercenaries began another series of attacks on the Town from residential areas of the occupied Donetsk. Residents of the Petrovsky district hiding in the basement, in the Kiev and Kuibyshev areas there is no electricity and water for occupations at schools are cancelled.

In social networks inhabitants of the seized regional center
write that for the third day survive powerful attacks. So, in the Petrovsky
district at 07:00 today the shells fell near the village of Zhilploshchadka, 21st
mine. Local residents were forced to hide in cellars, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“29-I — loud. Arrivals. All in the basement.”

— loudly. All – in cellars. Get away with stops. Arrivals”.


“Trest — loud. People from the streets to the people they take it”.

“The textile worker — a flashing light, the Windows are shaking, I will not let the child
in school today,” write the Donetsk team.

And yet one of the
representatives “the defense Ministry DPR” Edward Basurin says
terrorists have unilaterally stopped shelling the homes of the residents on
the occupied territories continue to shake and rumble from the volleys.

“09:40 it was a “Grad” or something exploded? In The North Of Donetsk.”

“09.40 DF now again cornflower with Topaz and “Grad” with DaPa.

“09:32 has three pros on sahani okolic. Sale s Lisovogo I
The Batman”.

“09:35 Makiyivka
Kirovskiy rumble”.

“Ducky, listen and clinking glasses, no breaks or smoke breaks”.

“East, we hear,” write the Donetsk team.

In the meantime, “the mayor of Donetsk” Alex Kulemin reported that
connection with the worsening situation at the front in several parts of the city schools and
kindergartens are temporarily closed.

“Someone still has any doubts that Russia staged a genocide
Ukrainians in 1932? Avdeevka shows that they are willing to do it in 2017”, –
write the residents of Donetsk.

Recall that the militants “DNR” with the wounded from the morning fired at Avdeevka from “Gradov”– damaged homes, civilians. The city more than a day
de-energized, in the homes of citizens there is no water, problems with mobile phones and the Internet.
Regional authorities to namereniyami tens of thousands of residents of Avdiivka.