Rogozin is amused by the statement of the MFA of Lithuania on the status of Kaliningrad

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin ironically commented in his Facebook statement, the Lithuanian foreign Ministry about the status of the Kaliningrad region.

Earlier, the head of the Lithuanian foreign Ministry said that Lithuania has no territorial claims to neighbours and Kaliningrad is part of Russia.

“Thank God, we’re scared”, — Rogozin wrote in his Facebook.

Vilnius had to explain, after the remarks of the Deputy Linas Balsis about the “return” of Kaliningrad Europe. According to him, Russia lost the right to the Kaliningrad region after the reunification with Crimea and now the status of the nationality of the lands of the former East Prussia should be discussed at the international level.

The transition of Kaliningrad (until 1946 — königsberg) and some other territories of East Prussia under the jurisdiction of the USSR approved by the allies at the Potsdam conference. The status of the region was finally established by the law of the allied Control Council for Germany “On liquidation of the Prussian state”, dated 25 February 1947.