Trump has suspended the admission of refugees, and tightened the rules for entry into the United States

(updated: 05:42 28.01.2017) 911809544 trump at the signing ceremony of the decree, the Pentagon announced that henceforth the selection of refugees to be “extreme”.

“This is to protect the country from the arrival of foreign terrorists,” said trump.

Stop light to refugees

The program placement of refugees suspended for 120 days, stated in the decree trump. In addition, the maximum number of refugees that trump has been allowed to take in the United States, will be 50 thousand in the current fiscal year (ends September 30).

According to the state Department, from October 2016, when the fiscal year began, the US has already adopted a little less than 30 thousand refugees. Thus, for the rest of the year in the United States will get no more than 20 thousand refugees.

Departed a week ago, the Obama administration was planning to adopt in 2017, about 110 thousands of refugees from around the world. In the 2016 fiscal year, Washington has hosted a total of 85 thousand refugees, before three consecutive years, USA took up to 70 thousand refugees.

While trump his decree allowed States and counties to participate in deciding exactly where to settle accept refugees. A number of States sued the Obama administration, which resettled the refugees on their territory contrary to the wishes of the local authorities.
Syrian refugees will not be

In addition, trump indefinitely banned from taking in US refugees from Syria.

“The following declare that the entry of Syrian nationals as refugees is contrary to the interests of the United States and freeze any such entry until the time when I decide that there have been significant changes allowing the admission of Syrian refugees in conformity with the national interests”, — stated in the decree trump.

In the past financial year (ended in October), the United States took about 12.5 thousand refugees from Syria, which is ten times less than some other countries, including Turkey and EU member States.

The decree trump left one loophole for a possible increase in the number of refugees: in considering applications, preference will be given to the religious minority experiencing oppression, and in certain circumstances they can be taken outside the quota in accordance with the international obligations of the United States. Trump said Friday that he intends to help the Syrian Christians. Representatives of Christian denominations and civic organizations have stated that the Christian minority is under threat in several countries, primarily in the middle East. The Vatican has announced that up to 100 of thousands of Christians each year are martyred for the faith.

While trump did not mention in the decree about “safe zones” in Syria, about the possible creation of which he said this week.
Visa rules

Trump also ordered to immediately introduce compulsory interviews for nonimmigrant visas and to speed up the establishment of a biometric system to control entering the United States.

In particular, the state Department is mandated to immediately cancel the program that allows citizens from some countries in some situations not be interviewed in the Consulate of the US before the visa.

The Department of homeland security is mandated to accelerate the creation and operation of a biometric system for tracking the movement of all people crossing the U.S. border.

Also, the US government will demand from other countries, detailed information that will enable to thoroughly understand the intentions of the persons who are going to enter the territory of the United States. How Washington intends to obtain this information from foreign governments that don’t have a report, the text does not say. However, in the decree it is mentioned that all visa issues will be resolved on the basis of strict reciprocity. In practice, this means that if the US deems that the Americans in any way infringe upon issuance of visas to other countries, the United States will apply similar measures and complicate the process of obtaining visas for the citizens of this country.

In addition, trump has limited the entry to 90 days from a number of countries with a predominantly Muslim population, but did not name these countries. According to the American immigration lawyers Association, where experts quoted by Reuters, from the wording of the decree implies that we are talking about a temporary ban on the entry of citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.
Explosive statistics

Also in the text of the decree States that the U.S. government will publish statistics of foreigners accused of terrorism and violence against women.

Within 180 days will be published the information about the number of foreigners in the United States, who are accused of crimes associated with terrorism who have been convicted or deported from the United States for similar crimes. In addition, will be published estimates of how many foreigners in the U.S. were “radicals” and helping the terrorists with the United States.

Will be published and information about the number of crimes against women by foreigners in the United States, including the so-called “honour killings” — the killing of women because they entered into a sexual relationship or had married against the wishes of her family or religious community.

Trump has repeatedly stated that aliens in the United States is guilty of crimes against women, including rape. This has caused much controversy in society before and after the election trump.

As expected, the date the decree will also become the target of fierce criticism from political opponents trump and several non-governmental organizations. “Leader” of the liberal press, the US newspaper New York Times has called the decree “a waiver of fundamental American values, departure from the U.S. role as a leader in the humanitarian field” as well as “a propaganda gift for those who want to harm America.”

The power of the President of the United States is limited — for example, many of his decrees can slow down the Congress (if you refuse to provide funds) or the court (if it considers the decree unconstitutional). So, ex-US President Barack Obama was unable to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay because of the position of the Congress, who refused to give you money for it. Immigration and Obama’s Executive orders designed to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, was overturned by a court. The question of whom to admit into the United States, is a prerogative of the President, so that the current initiatives trump will be difficult to challenge in court.

This strategy trump signed Executive orders similar to Obama’s strategy, which is actively used Executive orders to pursue its policy, because he could not carry out their own initiatives through a hostile Congress. A similar strategy could elect trump. Despite the fact that the party of trump from the Republican party controlled both houses of Congress, they do not obey him directly and are not required to implement its agenda.