Orthodox human rights activist considers the main culprits of the revolution the nobility, not “immigrants from beyond the pale”

Moscow. 25 Jan. INTERFAX – the blame for the revolutionary events of 1917 rests primarily on the nobles, said the Director of the human rights center of world Russian people’s Council Roman Silantyev, commenting on the scandal around the recent statements of the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Peter Tolstoy.

“One hundred years ago, it was the nobles, not “came from beyond the pale” made a decisive contribution to creating a prerevolutionary situation betrayed his Tsar, forcing him to abdicate. Generally, in our revolutions have involved people of all classes and nationalities, and hardly useful now making a big fuss about,” said Silantyev reporters on Wednesday.

23 Jan P. Tolstoy, speaking at a press conference on the occasion of the discussion around the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, said that “people who are the grandchildren of those who demolished our temples, jumped up from the pale of settlement with a revolver in the 17th year today, working in a variety of other very reputable places – on the radio, in the legislative assemblies, continue the work of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers”.

The Federation of Jewish communities of Russia after saying Tolstoy accused him of undermining international peace and called on the Parliament to respond to the incident, and the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov, commenting on the situation, said that “anti-Semitism – the same shameful disease, like syphilis.”

In turn, Silantyev noted that the sharp and prompt reaction of the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov to the incident was impressive, but he would like “to hear at least once from the HRC equally strong condemnation of Russophobia, whose manifestations can be observed almost every day.”

“Representatives of the so-called elite are constantly insulting Russian people, in a particular case in the discussion around the St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church, made derogatory remarks in the address of the natives of Mordovia, referring, in particular, the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg Bartholomew. Maybe it would be worth it to respond?” the human rights activist said.

The world Russian people’s Council – an international public organization, which was established in 1993 and became an all-Russian podium of public opinion. The head of the Council is Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. In 2005, the world Russian people’s Council was granted special consultative status at the UN. In some regions offices of the Cathedral.