UNITED kingdom Industrial Strategy confirms the new autonomous vehicle test centre

The Government 2017 Industrial Strategy report has outlined the plans for a new autonomous and connected vehicle test centre, which will be built to increase the UK’s role as an automotive technology leader in the world.

The safety of being on the site (more details will be revealed in this spring to increase the UNITED kingdom’s armoury for the development of future automotive tech. It currently includes an Advanced Propulsion that was built in Coventry in 2013, which came as part of the Government’s £1 billion investment plan for low carbon transport technology.

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Today the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the green paper also envisages that the UK electricity network will have to be strongly improved in order to meet the power needs of electric vehicles. It says “make sure that our grid is intelligent, and resistant to new requirements and new sources of supply, it will be important for energy security, costs, and industrial opportunities.”

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UK chief scientific adviser, Sir Mark Walport, will head a new research on the grid technology, battery technology and energy storage. The use of electric cars to supply energy into the electricity network is listed as an area of interest.

In addition, the new strategy highlights the importance of balancing the economy of the UNITED kingdom, and the lists of the Government’s £1.1 billion of funding for local roads and public transport networks as a key tool to equal out national investment.

The document suggests taxes could be adjusted to the research and development of the whole industry to help spur investment in Britain, in the face of a Brexit. He adds, “[The Government] will recommend the best way to enhance the excellence of the UK research and innovation, maximizing the opportunities for the UK to exit the European Union.” Such changes could benefit the UK automotive sector.

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