Trump want to be accused of violating constitutional provisions on ethics

The President is preparing a lawsuit, which the authors believe that decisions on a post of the head of state, he may consider your business interests

Donald trump holds the position of President of the United States only a few days, but may become a defendant in the suit of the organization, which considers itself the guardian of ethics and accuses the new head of the state in violation of the vague provisions of the Constitution.

Non-profit organization “Citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington” (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) announced his intention to file a lawsuit in Federal court in Manhattan on Monday.

The constitutional provision on remuneration prohibits foreign governments, including the government, to make payments or gifts to the President without the approval of Congress.

According to the New York Times, which first reported the lawsuit on Sunday, the plaintiffs are not seeking any compensation of pecuniary damage but asked the court to stop the President receiving payments from foreign “entities”.

The organization argues that because trump refused to withdraw fully from their business, “he gets the funds and uses the location of foreign governments in the form of guests and activities in the hotels, rent of owned buildings and valuable construction deals abroad.”

One of the lawyers trump sherry Dillon said earlier this month: “When the Constitution was written, no one would think that paying hotel bill is the reward.”

Executive Director of “Citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington” Noi Bookbinder said: “We hoped that this will not happen. We had hoped that President trump will take the necessary steps to avoid violations of the Constitution, before assuming office”.

Trump’s son Eric said the New York Times that the lawsuit is “nothing more than harassment for political purposes” and described the situation as “very sad”.

President trump recently announced the creation of the trust, with which his two adult sons, Donald trump Jr. and Eric, as well as one of the leaders of his company, the Trump Organization, will manage his business interests around the world. Trump’s plan does not provide for the sale of all its assets and placing his fortune in a blind trust. In this case, he would not know how his money is invested.

Ethicists believe that any other solution besides placing assets in a blind trust, does trump vulnerable to the constant question, does it take into account your financial interests when making decisions as President.

“Citizens” believe that when the President trump will negotiate trade agreements with different countries, “the American people will not be able to know whether it also thinks about the benefits for trump-businessman”.

“President trump were under the slogan “America first,” says Bookbinder. – It is possible to assume that he will want to follow strictly the constitutional provision on foreign earnings, as it was included to ensure that our officials think primarily about the Americans, not the foreign governments.”

One of the lawyers of the organization is norm Eisen, a lawyer of the Obama administration on ethics. He told the New York Times that the lawsuit is a way to get a copy of the tax return of a trump, to properly assess the business relations of the President and his obligations to foreign governments, including China and Russia.