Russia once again caught in a blatant lie about the war in Syria, published the iconic photo and revealed the truth

New data on cynical lies of the Ministry of defense of Russia, which had previously argued that the withdrawal of its aircraft “su-24” with Syria.

It is reported with reference to published users
social networks data and images of the international group Bellingcat, which
investigating war crimes.

Pictures appeared in social networks today and refute
loud statements of the Russian military.

Journalists took advantage of the situation and recalled
that the official speaker of Russian military Igor Konashenkov made
a special message about the beginning of the withdrawal of Russian military aircraft from the airbase in
Hamim village. A little later, the commander of the military grouping of the armed forces
Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov published information on multiple front
bombers the Russian air force and medical teams from Syria back in

Earlier, the “Admiral Kuznetsov” off the coast of Syria ready to strike at Aleppo, but the aircraft could not take off from the ship.