U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan will take part in peace talks on Syria in Astana

The state Department has no plans to send a delegation for talks

According to the Department of State statement on Saturday, the US will not send delegation to peace talks on Syria, scheduled for next week in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana.

According to the acting press Secretary Mark Toner, the talks, the American side will be represented by US Ambassador to Kazakhstan, George Krol.

“In connection with the inauguration of the President and the necessity of the transfer of authority to the new administration, the delegation from Washington will be present at the conference in Astana,” – said Toner.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that during the talks, which begin Monday, will focus on compliance with the agreement on the ceasefire and the distribution of humanitarian assistance throughout the country. Earlier this week, in an interview with Japanese broadcaster al-Assad expressed confidence that the negotiations will be an agreement on “reconciliation” with the insurgents.

The most powerful ally of Syria – Russia initiated peace talks with Iran and Turkey. Ankara, which supports the (Syrian) opposition, shifted now to fight with Kurdish groups and Islamic state

A number of Turkey-backed opposition groups also agreed to participate in the negotiations. Various rebel groups and Assad’s government accuse each other of violating the ceasefire.

Russia and Turkey have mediated the conclusion of an agreement on the ceasefire in late December, but recently violence has increased in Syria, especially near the capital Damascus.

The ongoing violence has forced thousands of people to flee their homes. As stated this week, the special adviser to the UN on the humanitarian situation in Syria, Jan Egeland, in some parts of the country still lack access to humanitarian assistance.