Peugeot launches online purchase

Peugeot is the latest brand to customers could purchase your car online, following in the footsteps of the automakers, including Hyundai, Jaguar and Land Rover and smart.

Instead of having to browse online and then visit the showroom to complete the transaction, buyers Peugeot can now do the entire process online, including Finance and trade in the exchange vehicle.

Online system Peugeot differs from some other car manufacturers, offering customers to choose the vehicle they want, and not limit customers to only purchase dealer cars.

“People who want to get a new car as soon as possible, can be less picky about their specifications, because the website tells you the difference in delivery times for cars with different engines or body,” explained Andrew Baird, head of digital at Peugeot UK.

“And to defuse the situation from the part-exchange of your old car, ordering online will give you prices on it. It’s all about making the whole process faster and easier,” he added.

“We even added a system which allows the website to verify your identity online, so you don’t have to load the documents.”

Once the customer made the order, they will contact the “Concierge” who will keep them informed about the progress of their order till delivery.

Although no special discounts were applied bought cars via online ordering, they are entitled to all applicable special offers and Deposit contributions for RSR financial transactions.

Other cars you can buy online

Hyundai and Smart also launched online shopping portals in the beginning of this month that will allow customers to go through the whole buying a new car from the comfort of your home or office.

Click Hyundai to buy website offers some cars with a discount built into the price. For example, the suggested retail price of the manufacturer in Hyundai i10 1.0 SE is £10,000, the price at the Buy button is fixed at £8995, so buyers automatically receive a £1,000 discount.

Initially, the models available on the Buy button are 10, и20, i30, Tucson and Santa Fe, the rest will be added later.

Smart offers also simplified the buying process and, although it doesn’t offer a discount on the car, it provides a £1000-plus manufacturer Deposit contribution. That equates to £1152 £12,815 Smart fortwo in Internet RFA. First, only one specially pre-configured fortwo and forfour are available with one, based on the Premier finish.

Hyundai and smart, not only the car manufacturers to experiment with alternatives to traditional salons. Volvo sold only a limited first edition XC90 for customers ordering online, and Audi has opened its center for Audi in London in 2012.

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Claire Evans

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