Experts fear worsening quality of the restoration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral after its transfer to the Church

Saint-Petersburg. 17 Jan. INTERFAX – the Russian Orthodox Church has its own restoration service, and in the case of St. Isaac’s Cathedral may suffer the quality of its current restoration, said the Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg branch of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture (Voopik) Alexander Kononov.

“The Russian Orthodox Church now in any form has no special restoration service. The Museum in this regard has accumulated a huge experience, and if there comes a new user, start again to dive into these issues, there is a possibility that during this time the monument will suffer some damage”, – said Alexander Kononov at the meeting of the parliamentary faction of the “Party of growth” in the Mariinsky Palace on Tuesday.

Experts fear that in the case of third-party contractors will use cheaper materials, and restoration will take less competent technicians.

“And its structural elements, and finishing the monument so unique that it is virtually on permanent restoration. This is a completely normal process, in terms of existing regulations, but in terms of operation it is an extremely complicated object. Our concern relates to its safety”, – said Alexander Kononov.

“The user, the Russian Orthodox Church, is not able to assess neither the proposed methodology nor the design decisions. He just does not possess this competence, therefore, is largely forced to simply follow the proposals of designers and contractors”, – the expert added.

The representative of the Voopik also expressed concern about the fate of the staff of the Museum of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which now leads the research, educational and exhibition activity. According to him, the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church “actually leads to the elimination of the institution of culture.”

A. Kononov said that the Cathedral is in good condition and does not require large-scale restoration. “I don’t think this design is bad itself showed. There is, like any monument, existing for 200 years local problems, but to say that there was a glaring challenges that will require global restoration is impossible”, – he noted.

On 10 January it became known that the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church, preserving it as a Museum function. Meanwhile, in 2015 the Smolny refused a similar request of the Church, citing economic considerations.

The Church is not the first year sought to transfer Isaac’s Cathedral. The part of the namesake of the state Museum-monument was transferred to the Smolny and Sampsonievsky cathedrals.