Another proof of the presence of “Putintsev” in the occupied Donbass: APU fighters have caught the Russians with a bunch of important documents near Mariupol

The detainee is a native of the city of Kurganinsk of Krasnodar Krai, it found a Russian passport and other documents confirming his participation in the war on Donbass on the party of fighters.

was detained moslamalari the Ukrainian military. According to the report
the press center ATO in Facebook, he
he fought in the “DPR”, reports “Dialog. UA”.

detained near the positions of ATO forces, however, remains a mystery, or Thriller
performed the task of the terrorists conducted reconnaissance of the area, either fled from the ranks
The IAF and get to his home.

The Mariupol direction, near positions of the Ukrainian military detained a member
the Russian occupation troops. During the inspection of documents established that
the person is a citizen of the Russian Federation, a resident of the city
Kurganinsk of Krasnodar Krai”,- said the headquarters of ATO.

it was reported that the militants “DNR” voluntarily leaving their units because of
inadequate commanders prefer to hide in the Kiev-controlled territory.

Also add clobevate “DNR” scaring the local population that if the APU will break their line,
all residents will go to “camp” near Kramatorsk.