The Senate rushes to vote on the nominations of Cabinet members before the inauguration

The selected candidates can count on the support of lawmakers from both parties, while others will affect only Republicans

A few days before bringing Donald trump to a presidential oath of office, the Senate shall endeavor to approve candidates, which form the inner circle of his administration.

But it is not clear yet how many members of the Cabinet of Donald trump will be approved to the moment when he would enter the White house. The figure of the candidate to the secretaries of state Rex Tillerson is causing concern among key Republicans for his ties with Russia.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio asked him a question: “do you Believe that Vladimir Putin and his entourage are responsible for the fact that they gave the order about the murder of many dissidents, journalists and political opponents?

Tillerson responded: “I do not have sufficient information to make such statements”.

“None of this is classified, Mr. Tillerson. These people are dead,” said Rubio.

The Republicans have the majority in one vote in the Senate Committee on foreign relations. Given that probably all the Democrats will vote against, the approval Tillerson will be blocked if they are joined by at least one Republican.

“If we want to bring moral clarity to our foreign policy, we need to take a clear position. I’m ready to do what you think is right. I’m not analyzing this from a party point of view,” said Marco Rubio.

Other nominees trump may be approved in the coming days after a stormy hearing last week. Many Democrats expressed opposition to the candidacy of the Republican Senator Jeff and Roman sessions, nominated for the position of attorney General.

“If Senator sessions is approved, I am extremely concerned about what will happen to the disabled citizens of different races, people of different sexual orientations,” said democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth.

But and Roman sessions will be approved if the Republicans will support his candidacy. It is expected that it will.

“This is a man of honor and integrity, faithful conscientious and fair application of the law,” – said Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

Some candidates are likely to be approved with the support of senators from both parties, including retired General James Mattis, nominated as Secretary of defense and Congressman Mike Pompeo put forward by the Directors of the CIA.

“There are less areas where we can work together, and more – where we have to confront Russia,” acknowledged James Mattis.

“Everything here is pretty clear about the Russian involvement in the hacking attempts and theft of information and influence on American democracy,” said Mike Pompeo.

In preparation for the adoption of the presidential oath, trump expressed confidence in his team: “We need people who are successful. But they became successful because, in General, they are smart. I am very proud of the Cabinet. I think they are right”.

This week the Senate held a series of votes on approval. Meanwhile, behind the walls of the Capitol are the final preparations for the inauguration.