The administration of the tramp can transfer the press briefings from the White house

With such a prospect does not agree journalists covering the President on a daily basis

Senior administration officials elected President of the USA of Donald trump say they are studying the possibility of moving the press briefings from the White house to a more spacious place, but journalists are against this, stating that the transfer will prevent them to do their job.

Currently, the briefings are conducted in one of the rooms in the West wing of the White house. It can accommodate about 50 people, and also provide working facilities for TV and radio journalists and staff of publications covering the President on a daily basis.

The head of administration trump Pribus Raines told the broadcaster ABC News on Sunday that discussed the issue of the transfer of briefings in the neighboring White house building with room four times. He referred to the number of journalists who took part in the first press conference trump after the election, which was held last week in new York. According to him, if we can attract more people, “that would be good.”

Elected Vice-President Mike Pence told CBS News that the decision has been made.

The President of the Association of correspondents of the White house Jeff Mason on Sunday met with Sean Spicer, who will answer questions from reporters as press Secretary trump.

Mason reported that the Association has always advocated “expanding access and increasing transparency” for the public good, but he also made it clear to Spicer that the transfer of the briefing from the West wing is “unacceptable.”

“Access to the West wing to high-ranking administration officials, including press Secretary, is crucial for transparency and the ability of journalists to do their work”, – reads the statement of the Mason.

On Sunday, trump tweeted that the media should apologize for publishing unverified claims that Russia allegedly has dirt on him. He also lashed out at NBC News and Comedy show “Saturday night live” (Saturday Night Live) on NBC, which opened the latest edition of a parody of a press conference trump.

The upcoming inauguration

Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the USA at noon on Friday. At the same time Obama leaves the White house after spending eight years at the head of the state.

“Inauguration day will be even bigger than expected,” wrote trump on Twitter.

On Sunday, the military held a rehearsal of the inauguration. It is expected that on Friday on the National Mall in the U.S. capital come hundreds of thousands of people, including protesters against the winning trump. They will witness the cast of the new President is sworn in, his inaugural speech and parade on Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White house.

One member of the army band vocalist Greg Lowery at the rehearsal, played the role of trump. In his words, he wanted “more like” on the future President and even bought a red tie, similar to those that is often the trump.

On assuming office, trump takes a country that is still divided in his election. He was not popular already at the time of voting, but the results of one public opinion poll showed that his approval rating after the election on 8 November declined even more.

The controversy surrounding the election continues in Washington so far.

Television discuss the findings of the American intelligence community that Russia interfered in the election with the help of hacker attacks on computer systems of the Democratic party in an attempt to help Trump win. Another topic of discussion was the recent statement of the inspector General of the justice Department that it will review the actions of the FBI Director James Komi Republic relating to the investigation about the use of Clinton unsecured personal e-mail server in 2009-2013, when she served as Secretary of state.

At least 18 lawmakers, Democrats said they will boycott the inauguration of the trump.

The legendary party of the civil rights movement, Congressman John Lewis stated that he considers trump a legitimate President because of the Russian hacker attack, which was stolen thousands of emails a campaign Manager, Clinton John Podestà.

On Saturday, the tramp has fallen with attacks on Lewis on Twitter, saying that he needed to devote more time to improving the living conditions in his constituency in Atlanta, “and not to engage in false moaning about the election results.”

Elected Vice-President of the Pens on Sunday called Lewis doubts the legitimacy of the election trump was “extremely disappointing” and expressed hope that the Congressman will change his point of view.

The outgoing CIA Director John Brennan criticized trump for his tendency to “conversations and tweets,” saying on Fox News that it does not meet American interests.

Brennan, who is likely in the near future will replace Congressman Mike Pompeo, said that national-security problems facing the trump, “not related”.

According to Brennan, trump “will be able to do something for our national security as opposed to conversations and tweets”.