Corini: “to Work in Palermo is like in Hiroshima”

This week there were rumors that President Palermo Mauricio Zamparini intend to dismiss Korine. However, he supposedly is going back Roberto De Zerbi, which has replaced Eugenio.

“When you agree to work in Palermo, you realize that can be fired after one game. I was aware of the probability of retirement,” admitted Karine.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect that there would be such rumors, because recently things started to improve. All things considered, perhaps it would be right to quit. But then I thought about those who work in Palermo, who loves the club. I fully supported the whole city and so I decided to continue the work.”

“I would stay here for 20 years, whether there is a healthy dialogue. I yet remain, but the work in Palermo – it’s like that in Hiroshima! Always expect to drop an atomic bomb!”

“Rosanero scored 6 points in 12 games, and with my arrival came significant improvements. If someone doesn’t understand what we started with – then it becomes difficult.”

When Corini team scored 4 points in 7 matches. In fact, the percentage points increased not very – 19%, while, as in De Zerbi was 16.6%.