KAN. Algeria lost points in the match against Zimbabwe

It seemed that the meeting was one of the favorites of the group with a notorious outsider should not in itself carry much intrigue, and Algeria will be able to beat Zimbabwe with a higher level of performers, but in the first half, the team of George Leekens faced quite strong resistance from the wards kalisto Pasuwa.

It is the Zimbabweans in the game created the first really dangerous moment when the first blow Billiat Keeper fixed, and then re-shot player Bloemfontein Sundowns took over the post. If not for the woodwork, it would have been one of the most beautiful goals of the current African Cup of Nations. However, different to the first, it was able to Algerians, and was scored by the player who is currently the star in the most part the desert foxes Riyad Mahrez. The best player in Africa last year, struck the gate Kuruvi a terrific shot from the edge of the penalty area after a pass from another player Lester, Islam Slimani — the sphere far from the rack flew into the net Zimbabweans.

Team Zimbabwe does not become to focus and play defense — the outsider rushed forward and soon not only equalized, but took the lead! To score his first goal at the tournament Zimbabweans managed five minutes after the goal Mareza — Ruzicka made the transfer, and Kudakwashe Mahachi from the penalty and struck a low shot accurately into the far corner of Mbali — 1:1. After ten minutes of completely unnecessary foul on the edge of his own penalty area made Belghitar against Bhasera, and approached the point Mukeshji easily beat the goalkeeper, moving his team forward — 2:1.

At the end of the first half, the Algerians had two chances to score from free kicks, but the kick Riyadh Mareza hit the wall, and after trying Fawzi Ghulam the ball flew far above the gate of the national team of Zimbabwe. The rest of the attempts of the Algerian front had not borne fruit, so the teams went into the break with a minimum advantage of the team of kalisto Pasuwa.

The first dangerous moment of the second half was also on account of the Zimbabweans, when after hitting Billiat from outside the penalty area Algeria has saved a great response Mboli. Desert Fox almost immediately responded with a dangerous shot from Bentaleb from distance but the ball went just beside the counter. Continued the attempts to equalize the wards of Leekens after a corner, when the crossbar head shot of Benseman.

Algeria almost the entire second half continued to settle near the opposition penalty area, attempt to equalise, but the team Zimbabwe did not allow favourites to roam around the penalty Kuruvi. However, once a bit was the Zimbabweans themselves have not brought themselves into trouble when one of the defenders, the ball bounced in the frame of their goal. The team just stepped up to the end of the meeting: first Card from a good position missed the target of goal and then the goalkeeper of Algeria reflected shock close to Malajila.

When it seemed that Zimbabweans should not lose the advantage, the North Africans still made it and managed to equalise. Did it not anybody other than Riyadh Mareza. The player of Leicester and the national team of Algeria scored a brace including because of Kuruvi, who was unable to parry the blow Mareza from the middle distance — 2:2. At the end of the meeting, were trying to win the players of the national team of Algeria, but this was not possible.

As a result, the third match in a row at the current African Cup of Nations comes down to the draw result, Algeria lost the desired points in the match against Zimbabwe.

Vlad Vlasenko, Football.ua

Algeria — Zimbabwe 2:2
Goals: Mahrez, 12, 82 — Mahachi, 17, Mushekwi, 28 (penalty)

Algeria: Mboli — Ghulam, Benchabane, Belghitar (Meftah, 46), Mandi — Brahimi, Bentaleb, Mahrez, Guedioura — Slimani, Soudani’s (Ghezzal, 78)

Zimbabwe: Kuruva — Bhasera, Kuroiwa, Nhamoinesu, Sviraci — Firi, Mahachi, Billiat, Katsande — Musique (Malajila, 78), A Corner (Boy, 12)

Warning: Belghitar — Ruzicka