In the US, the bikers will stand the “wall of meat” for the sake of order at the inauguration of the trump

MOSCOW, 14 Jan — RIA Novosti. The founder of the community of bikers For Bikers Trump, Chris Cox, said that his organization is ready to create a living wall to protect citizens on the inauguration of President Donald trump, reports the Fox News channel.

According to Coke, thousands of bikers are going to come to the inauguration of trump, which is scheduled for January 20 in Washington. The action of the bikers planned to prevent any incidents during the ceremony.

“We will participate in the inauguration. We will form a wall of meat,” said Cox in Fox News. Presenters were asked to explain what Cox has in mind when speaking about the “wall of meat”. “We stand firmly shoulder to shoulder and we will resist those who try to penetrate the cordon of police,” promised Cox, noting that the bikers his organization expect a peaceful transfer of power to the new head of state.

According to the leader of the bikers, For Bikers Trump organization hundreds of thousands of people from different States, including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, new York.

According to Fox News, many opponents of the Board Donald trump has pledged to organize mass protests during the inauguration in Washington.