George Tuck: “Leaders “LDNR” Zakharchenko and Carpentry will kill you like a Motorola”

Ukrainian official and a public figure, predicted leaders of the Pro-Kremlin fake “republics” tragic fate.

Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced
individuals Georgy Tuka in an interview with reporters, said that Igor Plotnitsky and
Alexander Zakharchenko expects the fate of the liquidated militants Arsen Pavlov
(Motorola), reports “Dialog UA”.

According to
Tookie, soon the leaders of the militants will be eliminated by Russian mercenaries or
intelligence agencies, because they know a lot, but the Russian authorities do not need the extra

the Elevator ride. And it depends on which button to push. Can
third floor. At the end they will be one – they will be eliminated, and Motorola. They have
played material, do not matter. For Russia, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky –
very dangerous witnesses,” says the former Chairman of the Lugansk OVGA.

George Tuck
he added that Ukraine
it is important to get the leaders of the separatists captured, because they will be able to tell
a lot of interesting facts about the war in the Donbass. The official also said that the heads
fake pseudo-States should not count on political asylum in
Of The Russian Federation.

We will remind, earlier
George Tooke said,
that Ukraine will be able to win the war in the Donbass only with the
reforms, and an efficient army.

As previously
it was reported, in the occupied Donetsk Pro-Russian occupiers of “DNR”
going to erect a statue
“Motorize” – in honor of liquidated militants Motorola and the deceased
in the Tu-154 Dr. Lisa