American officials retaliated, forcing to convert five trucks trivia

MOSCOW, January 15 — RIA Novosti. An American resident of the town Lebanon Nick Stafford in unpaid taxes brought to the local Department of transportation five trucks with fines, reports the Bristol Herald Courier.

Thus Stafford has decided to punish local officials. American for a long time trying to figure out how the tax will be imposed on two new cars of his family. However, the Department did not provide the man the phone numbers of the experts that, according to Stafford, is contrary to the Federal Law on freedom of information.

#ICYMI: Virginia man spends $1,000 to deliver 300,000 pennies to Lebanon DMV: @WSJ @heraldcourier
— The Courier Herald (@heraldcourier) 12 Jan 2017

Spending a few months arguing with officials, American has filed a lawsuit against the Department of transportation. However, during the trial, the assistant attorney General of Virginia, gave the plaintiff the requested list of telephone numbers and therefore the judge announced the termination of the proceedings.

But Stafford did not stop there. “They’re going to continue to cause me trouble, so I’ll make sure that they, too, felt uncomfortable,” — he told reporters.

Having established that the tax on new cars will be 3 thousand dollars, American issued to a local Bank and ordering the issuance of 300 thousand adenozinovyh coins, loaded them into five trucks and taken to the Department.

The publication reports that the weight of the coins amounted to 726 pounds, and Department staff counted the change manually for seven hours.

“I believe that the transparency of authorities and their willingness to help people are of great importance for our country, for our democracy,” according to the Bristol Herald Courier. In this edition emphasizes that the unusual “revenge” Stafford did not lead to the violation of the law. So, according to the act of the Treasury of the United States on the circulation of coins from 1965, all of the American public service obligation to accept payment in coins.