Trump on cyber attacks: I think it was Russia

The President elect held a press conference – the first since the election

The US President-elect Donald trump on Wednesday held the first in nearly six months a press conference during which he answered questions about accusations American intelligence to Russia and how he plans to resolve potential conflicts of interest in connection with his business.

Opened the press-the conference elected Vice-President Mike Pence.

In his speech, trump accused the Obama administration that delayed withdrawal of troops from Iraq, it contributed to the creation of ISIS.

The US President-elect expressed hope that he will be able to build a good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, although he cannot guarantee it.

The trump rejected the term “reset” in relations with Russia, sarcastically Recalling symbolic gesture, Hillary Clinton and Sergey Lavrov.

“For Russia there will be no reset button; either we come to an understanding, or not,” he said.

Trump has strongly condemned the publication of reports that Russia was collected up dirt on him. “It’s all fake news, fake information, it was not,” he said of the dossier, which contains scandalous information about him. The elected President also condemned the publication of information which was presented to him during the secret briefing with intelligence, and called “sick people” who “gathered all this nonsense”.