The United States have imposed partial sanctions against Turkey, the media reported details of the resonant solutions of Washington

The Ministry of Commerce of the United States announced the imposition of economic restrictions on two companies and three individuals of the Turkish Republic because of ties with Iran.

About it reports “112

In “black
lists” made such corporations, as “Composite Cimla”,
“Ramor group”, “Veteran Avia”.

Kimia” together with Murat Taskiran exported to Iran carbon
fiber contrary to the laws of the States. “Ramor group”, and such figures
how to Decide Tavan and Fula Kalafatoglu involved
procurement of goods for the Iranian military.

The above-mentioned individuals and legal entities will be permitted to export

We will remind, in the summer
2015, the United States and a number of States signed an agreement with Iran on non-proliferation
nuclear weapons. In exchange, Washington promised to gradually remove sanctions

However, on 2 December
The Senate States approved
the extension of sanctions against Tehran for 10 years.