Fort Lauderdale: authorities find out the motives of the shooter at the airport

FBI does not exclude terrorism, the relatives of the suspect say about the psychological injuries sustained in Iraq

The American authorities are trying to figure out the motives of the man who opened fire in one of the airports in Florida. Meanwhile, relatives of the suspect Esteban Santiago claimed that he was psychologically injured as a result, 11-month tours of duty in Iraq, where he participated in the fighting.

On Saturday, Santiago was charged with violent acts at the international airport, which caused the death of people. In case convicted, he could face the death penalty or life imprisonment for the attack, which killed five people. On Monday, Santiago must first be brought before a court in Florida.

“Not everyone who returns from the war, this reaction, – told CNN his brother is Brian Santiago. – Some tolerate it better, and someone causes a problem”.

Mother twenty-Esteban Santiago said that her son was very upset after his eyes, a bomb exploded next to his two friends when he served in Iraq in 2010-2011.

According to Bryan Santiago, last year his brother applied to the authorities for psychological help, but did not receive substantial support. He walked into the FBI field office in anchorage, Alaska in the excited state and started to make confusing statements that hears voices that tell him to join the “Islamic state”.

However, he was holding a store of gun ammunition, but said that he had left the gun in the car.

In accordance with the usual practice, the FBI agents took away his weapon.

Santiago was sent for a psychological evaluation; his actions had been investigated, but the authorities came to the conclusion that there are no violations he did not commit. In December he returned the weapons, but it is unclear whether it was the same gun from which shots were fired at the airport. Santiago is accused of killing five people and wounding six.

“How is it possible that the Federal government knew he was only hospitalized for four days, and then he returned the weapon?” said Brian Santiago.

“I can say one thing: when he returned from Iraq, he was not feeling very well,” said uncle e Santiago Hernan Rivera.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who Sunday spoke at the program “Meet the press” on NBC, said that the country has not done enough to help returned veterans who received a psychological injury in the war.

“We learn more about how to cope with this disease, Carter said. – We will know more, and we, of course, have more to do.” The head of the Pentagon called post-traumatic stress disorder “invisible wound of war.” “We treat and should treat this seriously,” he said.

FBI officials do not rule out the suspect’s connections to terrorism and say they do not know what prompted the gunman to open fire in the baggage claim area at the airport of Fort Lauderdale. He’s got the weapons, in checked-in baggage after a flight from Alaska.