New year, new President, the new diplomats: a team trump decided to dismiss all the ambassadors, appointed by Barack Obama

The team of the elected President of America Donald trump decided to start the new year not only with new head of the White house, but with the new diplomatic representatives of the country.

According to the publication The New York Times, referring to “agents” in diplomatic circles, transition team trump’s plans to “remove” all the “political” ambassadors, appointed by Barack Obama, before the inauguration of the new President on 20 January 2017. They have already issued corresponding decree.

The source also told the publication that such a practice is not new. Often ambassadors who are appointed because of their close relationship with the President, leave their posts after the election.

In addition, your posts will have to leave and other employees of the White house and Federal agencies.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that trump took to recheneinheit Coates to head US intelligence. Himself a former Senator Daniel Coates is a staunch opponent of Russia and promised to put Russia on his knees for the crimes that she committed in Ukraine, encroaching on its territory. It is also known that in the Kremlin have taken to restasurant entry to the territory of the Russian Federation to the newly elected head of the N. I. USA.