“Why Ukraine has such a high dollar? It’s very simple!” the expert explained the real cause of the fall of the hryvnia

Head of the economic programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Amelin in a broadcast on Ukrainian TV channels told about the financial situation in the country and about what affects the exchange rate.

Ukrainian economist on “channel 5” said, who wants to undermine the economic situation in the country.

“What we see today, in exchange is the consequence of the speculative process. And there is a considerable number of people willing to undermine the financial situation in the country. In Ukraine brought more than 80 banks from activities, the desire of the owners of these banks to get even or to hurt the current head of the National Bank. How is this easier to do – to undermine the financial system. Fundamental factors for the fall of the hryvnia against the dollar is not,” said Amelin.

We will note, today the dollar 27,19 hryvnia to the dollar.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed that 4 Yanvarev Ukraine it will be impossible to buy a car or house in cash.

Named Tacoma from the state budget to be spent on the development of the Ministry of defense and armed forces of Ukraine.