Obama and the Pens are in Congress. In the agenda – Obamacare

The President seeks to preserve the affordable care Act, the new administration is seeking repeal of this law

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday went to Capitol hill to mobilize lawmakers, Democrats to support his historic reforms of the healthcare system. Elected Vice-President Mike Pence also will speak before Congress to tell the Republicans about the program the new administration, which includes the abolition of the reform, known as Obamacare.

“The first item on the agenda, be noted and replace Obamacare,” said Pence on Wednesday, speaking to reporters.

These performances will be performed in the context of one of the largest political battles that will unfold during the transition from the Obama administration to the administration trump.

The bill on affordable health care was passed by Congress in 2010, when Democrats controlled both the House of representatives and the Senate, and Obama White house. January 20, the power concentrated in the hands of the Republicans.

Trump called Obamacare a “lousy” program, which is too expensive for the state, and although the President-elect hasn’t yet commented in detail about what exactly he plans to replace it, he made it clear that he was going to do it. On Wednesday, he again criticized “the Obamacare disaster” on Twitter.

As has declared on Tuesday to journalists the representative of the White house Josh Ernest, Obama plans to discuss with the Democrats how they can resist the attempts of Republicans to repeal the reform.

“The President has long prepared to ensure that, if there are Republicans who are sincerely interested in reforming the affordable care Act so that to strengthen the program, the President will strongly support these efforts, – said Ernest. – However, the Republicans do not propose it.”