Defenders of PPE in Luhansk region terrorists “congratulated” the shelling of the “Grad”: published footage of the result of new year’s attacks

In Luhansk oblast during the weekend, the focus has shifted in the direction of Stanytsia Luhanska. In connection with Christmas celebrations here willing to cross the line of demarcation at KPVV almost was not, but the number of attacks increased significantly. The positions near the Village several nights in a row beat from small arms, and the defenders PPE went shelling with rocket artillery.

Here, the position where in the Luhansk region from time to time come “Grad”. “Congratulated” they are fighters and new year’s eve. The soldiers are saying, do not even have time to make wishes. The attack began a few minutes before the New year. Aside PPE militants fired dozens of shells MLRS “Grad”. Most of them fell in the so-called “grey zone”. Another part – get close with the private sector.

“You can see the consequences of new year’s” greetings ” that we got from our neighbors. As a result, we see the sloping trees ripped out the ground and frightened local residents… Literally 50 metres from the houses… It was the arrival of “Grad”. If he could cut the tree from the house he would have nothing left,” said the fighter with the Callsign “Nesargi”.