From 4 January, Ukrainians will not be able to buy a car or house for cash: the national Bank introduced new rules

Wednesday, January 4, come into force new rules of calculation for large purchases. The Ukrainians will not be able to make cash payments in the sum exceeding 50 thousand UAH.

Now to pay
for a major purchase, the Ukrainians will have to use clearing. About it
reported in the press sluzbenika, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The National Bank
claim that the innovation will not impact on the daily expenses of Ukrainians, as
would only apply to major acquisitions, such as property, transport
tools, jewelry and so on.

Non-cash payments possible
will conduct without any restrictions.

The press service noted that the innovation will help to fight
shadow income, this has been used in many States.

Previously the national Bank adopted to restaurantat operations with foreign currency. “Диалог.UA” reported, how many Ukrainians have of cash.