Buses with passengers from St. Petersburg was not allowed across the border with Finland

MOSCOW, 2 Jan — RIA Novosti. Border service of Russia is not missed in Finland bus company Lux Express, EN route from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, reported on the website of the transport company.

“Today, the border service of Russia did not miss the Lux Express buses, on the route Helsinki-St. Petersburg, across the border. The preliminary reason was the suspension of the license for carrying out international transportation of Lux Express unknown at the moment reasons”, — stated in the message.

The company said that now find out the reasons of revocation of license, also addressed the issue with the passenger alternative. According to the carrier, all the necessary permits to transport passengers on this route they have.

As told by passengers on the company’s page in social network “Vkontakte”, the bus departing at 6.45 am on 2 January, was stopped at the border with Finland. Passengers were told to return to St. Petersburg or to find a way to cross the border independently. As many have already bought tickets for planes and ferries from Helsinki and pedestrian crossing the border at this point is impossible, passengers insist on compensation of moral and material damage.

In the comments users also complained about the delay in departure of the buses bound for Riga and Tallinn.

Lux Express is part of the Estonian company Lux Express Group, which is engaged in international and intercity bus transportation in 12 countries, including Russia. The main areas of work, as reported on the website of Lux Express, are St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw. The interests of the company in Russia is JSC “Eurolines”.