Would-be mother immediately after birth, put the baby in a bag and threw the child from high-rise buildings in Zaporizhia region

In the bag the child had lain for several hours. When the boy was quite cold, he started to cry and attracted the attention of residents.

Black bag with protruding bright rags appeared yesterday 31
Dec one of the houses in the Zaporozhye region. Local thought it
forgot the homeless, and so passed by.The baby began to freeze and began to cry loudly, only then
shocked residents came to the bag and was horrified by what he saw.

A newborn baby boy was wrapped in a diaper, he was born in the same
day. Eyewitnesses said that the body of the boy was still post-partum mucus.Apparently, the boy’s mother gave birth alone, and immediately after
childbirth left her born son.

Residents called paramedics politsejskih, the boy was taken to a local
the hospital, he is under medical supervision. The baby was born absolutely
healthy and without any abnormalities.

In the bag police found a note from his mother. In denial she
announced that the baby she doesn’t need, as she herself nowhere to live.

Napomnim wild event in Ufa, when an inadequate mother after
birth, left her child, hoping that he would die from the cold.

It was also reported about a drunk mother, Colorado death killed her daughter, the baby and all turned to son.