The Turkish police said about the suspect in the terrorist attack in Istanbul

ANKARA, Feb 2 — RIA Novosti. In the attack on a nightclub in Istanbul suspected of a citizen of Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, is associated with a terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation), informs television channel CNN Turk, citing the police.

New year’s eve, an armed terrorist opened fire on visitors to the club Reina. Killed 39 people (16 of them — foreigners), injured 69.

28-31 December, the police arrested in different cities of Turkey 63 militants of the IG. On the basis of interrogation, information was received about the possible involvement of the suspect to attack.

The terrorist attacks in Turkey in 2016-2017, see help >> the Terrorist shot the policeman in front of the club entrance, then went inside and opened indiscriminate firing. According to the Hurriyet building in the room were 700-800 people. The victims of the attack were at least 39 people. Another 69 were injured. According to preliminary data, the terrorist was firing from a Kalashnikov. After shooting began, people fled in panic from the club, many jumped into the Bosphorus. The attack killed 16 foreign nationals. The Governor of Istanbul Wasip Shahin described the armed attack on the club Reina a terrorist attack. Different information about the fate of the attacker. The British newspaper the Guardian, citing sources in the Turkish government approves of the elimination of a terrorist, the Reuters news Agency, citing the interior Minister of Turkey, said that the search for the killer continues. “I did not see who fired the shot, but heard the shots. My girlfriend was in high heels. I lifted her and carried on his back,” wrote on Twitter, the footballer SEF Boyds. “Before I had time to realize what happened, my husband fell on me. I had to raise a few bodies to get out,” he told the associated Press news Agency one of the attendees. Her husband was wounded in the attack. According to preliminary data of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul Russian citizens in the nightclub was not. Club Reina is one of the most expensive and popular restaurants of Istanbul. The club’s owner Mehmet Kocaslan said that American intelligence warned of the impending attack. /