The beginning of positive changes: the ban on the import of Ukrainian products to Moldova

1 January new year Moldova has cancelled the embargo on the import of Ukrainian goods to its territory. Meat and dairy products and cement will now be exported from Ukraine on the agreement reached in November 2016 at the meeting of the intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation held in Chisinau.

The Minister of economy
Moldova Octavian Calmic said that from 1 January the regime previously imposed restrictions
will not be renewed.

Earlier, Moldova
restricted the import into its territory meat and dairy products from Ukraine in order
protection of domestic producers. The corresponding decree “On the introduction of measures
protection of domestic market” was published in may 2016 on the website
the government of the country.

Domestic manufacturers
Moldova has requested the protection of their business to the country’s leadership,
as the number of imported from Ukraine meat, milk and cement increased
several times. Such growth of import from Ukraine into the territory of economists
explained previously entered sanctions imposed by Russia on Ukrainian goods.

Taxation Ukrainian
the production of protective duties did not allow the import into the territory of Moldova of goods
excess of quotas.

According to the head of the Ministry of economy, Moldova
take other steps for development of the national economy and protection
of domestic goods.

Was exoascales earlier, new hard
U.S. sanctions against Russia will be introduced in the New year: McCain, Graham and Klobuchar expressed
hope that trump will support the current political course.