Two Ukrainian women had disgraced his country in Poland: on the train Kiev – Przemysl Polish customs stopped a cigarette contrabandists

Recently, on December 28, during the customs inspection of trains “intercity”, which followed the route Kiev – Przemysl, Medyka employees of the Polish customs service found in two passengers tobacco products, which had no excise marks.

This information the press center of the Customs service of Poland.

“35-year-old and 41-year-old Ukrainian women tried to smuggle illegal goods, namely contraband cigarettes, hiding them in street clothes, and put in a package from-under juice. The total number of citizens of Ukraine seized almost 160 packs of cigarettes,” write the message to customs officers of the neighbouring country.

In their article also notes that criminal proceedings have been commenced.
In addition, customs service of Poland demanded that the data for persons canceled documents on local border traffic, which allowed them entry to the EU.

Social media users are interested in how customs officers of Ukraine
was able to prevent the incident, conceding two violators in Poland.

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