Shot a gun? It turned out the details of the strange suicide in Poltava

According to the official version, the elderly man just took his gun, went out into the yard, put a shotgun and pulled the trigger.

Quite strange
the suicide occurred in one of the villages of Poltava region: the man on
his house was shot from a hunting rifle, passes “Dialogue

As reported
the press service of the police Department in the area, the morning of December 30 in a call center
police received a report from the Chairman of the Board of one of the villages on
the fact that one of his countrymen found in his yard dead with a gunshot

investigative team on the scene pre –
it is established that on the territory of the yard of own household 58-year-old
the man had committed suicide, namely, fired from a hunting
guns,” – said the Poltava militiamen.

the victim sent for medical examination. Find out all the circumstances
of the incident. A preliminary version is suicide, but given the fact that
he was not in the closed from inside the house and in the yard where he could penetrate,
in addition to the owner, and someone else, the police are considering other options.

On this
an investigation was started with preliminary legal qualification under part 1
article 115 UK of Ukraine (premeditated murder).

over the last month in the Poltava region it already the second similar incident. So,
On December 18 myrgorodsky police Department received a report of death from
firearm injuries 48-year-old man who shot himself in the chest also
from a hunting rifle.

recently in Nezhino (RF) male
shot in front of shocked passers-by.

it was reported about the brutal
robbery in the Poltava region.