Plan a “comprehensive truce”: Russia, Turkey and Iran plan to divide Syria

The current territory of Syria may soon divided into parts, which will depart Moscow, Ankara and Tehran. It is divided into several zones of influence according to the plan “comprehensive truce.”

Reports about it “Диалог.UA” referring to news Agency Reuters.

As reported by the source Agency, the current ruler Celibatara Assad will give the opportunity to retain his post, perhaps for another few years, probably until the next election. Then plan on a post of the head of state to put less controversial person. In addition, it is noted that Assad will be able to resign, and later he and his family will be provided with a safe life.

This implies that Syria will undergo, so to say, the federalization or Confederation, however, in the framework of a unified state under the control of Damascus.

At the same time, the deal, which was agreed between the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran have yet to agree by the Syrian government. It is noted that in the discussion of the further fate of Syria will participate in the Gulf countries, the US and the Syrian opposition.

Recall repetence and Russia signed an agreement under which the action must engage a “ceasefire regime” in Syria.

However, the Kremlin did not give a clear review on progress and proposed agreements. He himself, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that he does not have sufficient information.

Note that today, December 29, it was announced the important decision of the Kremlin on the situation in Syria.